Public cloud storage services attract attention of not only small and medium business, but also of large companies. Of course, such storages are under special requirements. The key factors of corporate class cloud storage do not only include the cost of the service, but also its reliability, security, controllability and administrative convenience, as well as access speed to the cloud data.

Such storage intends data placement on distributed servers. The data are reserved and stored on several servers in the protected DPC with high level of security and on several sites. For example, high reliability is achieved by the automated creation of several replicas of the data on separate independent servers. Reliability on the level Tier III means that SLA guarantees accessibility of 99.98% of time. Thus, cloud storage for business makes it possible to store your data reliably and not expensive, providing access independent on the location, and you can also easily scale your resources. Consequently, you cut your expenses for the creation and technical maintenance of the IT infrastructure as the service helps to increase the flexibility of the business processes.

There is no need to acquire your own DSS and other infrastructure equipment, bear expenses for its administration, update and security provision. Constant access to the cloud storage means that you can work with the data and files anytime and anywhere. Your staff can quicker get the required information, share data in case of joint activity and work with common documents. It is planned to cipher the data provided for storage, to setup the access rights, to register file operations, to monitor and protect against threats.

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